The Most Experienced and Simply the Best

Ram Jack® foundation repair systems are nothing less than the most advanced foundation repair and prevention solutions on the market today. After more than 30 years in the industry, Ram Jack® knows how to keep your home or business standing tall.

As authorized Ram Jack® dealers, American Leveling Company is pleased to bring this technology to you in Oklahoma City. We are equipped to offer foundation repair as well as failure prevention services. Trust no one but the best when it comes to the foundation of your residential or commercial property.

Damaged foundations often make themselves known through cracks in your floor, walls and ceiling, or through doors and windows that get stuck in their frames or widening gaps between large and small fixtures. Although some signs may appear gradually (making them easy to ignore), they are signs that something seriously wrong is happening beneath your building.

The team at American Leveling Company will analyze and diagnose your situation. Once diagnosed, we can move forward with techniques like foundation piering, helical piles, and underpinning that will protect your entire home or business for years. Our professionals are knowledgeable and courteous, and our prices are competitive and affordable.

It will be our pleasure to assist with any foundation building, repairing or protecting in Oklahoma City. Get in touch today, and be sure to ask about our lifetime warranty!