Advantages and Disadvantages of Pier and Beam Foundation

Is there a pier and a beam foundation in your house? Will you buy a home with a base for a pier and a beam? Although this sort of base is not necessarily the most commonly visible in the nation, in states like Oklahoma City, there are quite a few of them. The pier with base supports spaced out on the foundation of your home with structural beams that carry the load of the home, can have excellent advantages for your home, if necessary, call for pier and beam foundation repair.

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Safety from Flood

It is because they assist build your home to safeguard you against tides, flooding and humidity that can lead to harm, that you ask why pier and beam foundations are more often seen in fields that flood. This additional height does not permit water to touch the real base.

Electrical Solutions

Thanks to the room produced by the beam and pier foundations known as crawl space, the tubes and wiring can be accessed more readily. This makes repairs and/or systems simpler, as they can be accessed rapidly and easily. Houses with a base plate have a harder job than those in which concrete can be broken to repair the foundations or to reach cables or tubes.

Slab Foundation

Indeed, this is likely the greatest benefit of pier and beam foundations. If the latter has issues with plumbing, for instance, the concrete floor could have to be opened to be damaged in any tubes. In general, the former has fewer basic issues than deck structures and can be cheaper to repair.

Crawl Space

There is also a little more air isolation under the house that saves you on energy expenses. Some prefer a wooden platform feeling over a concrete ground. While this may attract termites, thanks to the crawling room they are simpler to identify.


There are other disadvantages for pier and beam foundations that might be future roadblocks in the purchase or sale of a home:

  • Sagging or cracking floor

  • Moisture accumulation

  • Lack of ventilation

  • Mold and mildew growth

  • Bugs and rodent

If there are issues with pier and beam foundation repair, call Ramjack by American Leveling in Oklahoma City.

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