Concrete Lifting – Importance and Benefits

You know how uncertain and unpleasant uneven concrete can be. Some of the causes of sinking or uneven concrete are water erosion, tree roots, poor soil stability, and earthquakes. If concrete settles or sinks, the appeal of your home can also be adversely affected. A process called mud jacking is used for concrete lifting or repairing it quickly and easily in OKC. Mud jacking works well in the raising of concrete on porches, cellars, courtyards, footbridges, decks, and floors, and entrances.

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Over time, almost all types of concrete walks and passages sink and/or crack. This aging process has resulted in uneven concrete surfaces causing risks of tripping, poor retrenchment and water damage (due to concrete sheets that shift the water towards the basement / basement of the structure). The results of building owners do not take corrective measures to maintain their paths and passages include:

  • Ill-timed water damage financial expenses

  • Increased liability for known tripping risks has failed

  • Reduced property values

Solutions for concrete lifting & platform levelling:

The concrete lifting or surface leveling offer several solutions. The solutions include Interior Concrete Lifting, Sinkhole Remediation, Parking Lot Leveling, Trip Hazard Elimination, Void Filling, Uneven Concrete Slabs, Soil Stabilization, Exterior Concrete Lifting, Weak Soil Compaction, Pool Decking, Sealing Joints and Cracks, Patio Releveling, Drainage Control, Equipment Balancing, Drive Lane Leveling, and Mismatched Joint correction.

There are advantages of concrete lifting process. Here are some of those:

  • Compared to the more traditional approach, mud-jacking is a quick process in which the contractor breaks up, removes and replaces the concrete. Mud jacking may be completed within a few hours depending on the size of the job. Larger jobs can take up to one day. In fact, the work is mostly completed in one day.

  • While all situations are different, mud jacking is, on average, cheaper than replaced concrete.

  • Mud jacking is also easier to dispose of, because the cement is not available.

  • Mud jacking enables usage nearly immediately. For example, it takes 24 to 48 hours to cure the slurry after mud jacking before any load is carried on. At least 28 days, almost a month, before it is available for use, replaced concrete must be cured.

  • The process of mud jacking protects the appeal of your home because it has minimal effect on the appearance. Furthermore, it ensures the same color if the old concrete plates are kept in place.

  • In any type of weather Mud Jacking work can be done.

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Our deep understanding of the geology of OKC Land Soils distinguishes us at Ram Jack. This allows our experienced contractors of concrete lifting in OKC to help you determine why your property is being specifically settled and whether the mud jacking process is appropriate for your repair. For a free consultation, contact us at Ram Jack, so that we can help you resolve this problem.