Foundation Repair and the Impact of Soil

Builders think a lot about whether or not they lay the foundations strong enough to support the house they build, and rightly so. However, a solid foundation is more important than the building of the foundation itself.

If the builder takes no time to comprehend and adjust the soil underneath the foundation, it can, over time, lead to serious problems for the homeowner. It is essential to pay attention to the soil under your foundation before you build it to avoid costly foundation repair in Norman, OK.

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Importance of Soil for Foundation

A standard building foundation with no problems can support typical soils. Some cases, however, do not consistently affect the soil around a property, and it begins to brew problems. The house above this footing may settle more quickly and deeply than the rest of the house if, for example, the ground below the one footing is sofer than the earth under the other floors, which leads to the possibility of serious home foundation repair in OKC.

The soil quality directly below each base is of the essence. For a depth approximately equal to the width of the base, the soil pressure is at its highest.

Soil Expansion

Large, absorbent soils can squeeze the concrete foundation wall with a high content of absorption clay. These soils swell with a volume increase of 10% or more when they are moist. This is enough pressure to break up walls and floor slabs of concrete basements, and even cause movement of foundations, damage to the upper floors of a home or structure. Expanding soil also shrinks when it dries out to make things worse.

Signs of Soil Expansion

Expanded soils can seriously harm the concrete foundations and flooring as well as the rooms above them as a result of volume change. The most common signs to search for here are:

  • Bowed or cracked concrete walls, particularly the corners

  • Cracks in the driveway or slab of the garage

  • Water seepage in the basement

  • Doors and windows, hard to open

  • Soil shifting

  • Cracked or separated bricks

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Other Factors to Consider

Footing’s Placement: A footing off-center, because weight is not distributed evenly, can pose problems to the wall. The structure will also be subject to undue stress.

The dimension of Footing: The broader the base, the more the weight of the house will spread to the ground. You can have more stability through wider footings.

Moisture in Soil: The water in the soil may be a huge red flag during the excavation, so please consult an engineer of home foundation repair in OKC when you meet any during the hole. To provide more stability, the shape bottom can be filled with pills and compacted with the mud.