How Can Heavy Rain Cause Problems?

When it rains, a leaky roof or pooling water in your yard are the first things that you can worry about. But when it rains a lot, there is a far more severe issue i.e. foundation issues. There could be cracks and other issues in it and you may need to hire foundation crack repair professionals.

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Cracks in Foundation

Not all cracks in the foundation are big issues, but even small cracks can become bigger issues unless they are kept under control. Cracks less than an eighth of an inch are quite prevalent. Foundation walls or floors or even drywalls and decking can show new cracks with the existing cracks at home. This may be an indication of modifications in soil owing to the heavy rainfall. These difficulties can get worse quickly, so when you suffer heavy rainfall in your region, maintain your cracks and have a specialist foundation repair company in OKC to inspect the modifications.

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Minor Damage

A small crack to the foundation forms from rain damage. This is minor damage because it is not significant structurally. In addition, these cracks can lead to water leakage, as groundwater will enter your home by all possible means and will make minor damage a serious one.

Settling Foundation

One of the main issues you have to worry about is that your foundation suffers from a dramatic settlement or sinking due to heavy rain. If this happens, the whole house can face issues. This is how it occurs: heavy rain causes the soil to swell around and under the foundation, but the soil shrinks and leaves a gulf in which the foundation sinks after a period of drought. Here are some of the warning signs that show an extremely low or settling basis:

  • Leaning chimney

  • Minor cracks around doors and windows

  • Stair step cracks in brick surface

  • Cracks in concrete floor and dry walls

Major Changes

Soil expands and weather-specific agreements are based. When you live in a dry city, this leads to the ground being removed from the basis. But it'll all alter very quickly if we have heavy rain. Water will go straight to regions where the soil has contracted, and moist soil expands, pressuring base walls to bow, crack and even fail. Check your base walls in your basement or crawl room for leaks if it is really dry and you have a sudden, heavy raining. Make sure to contact your foundation crack repair in Oklahoma City for help when you are aware of moist odor or damp, since water may come from places you don't see.

For minor cracks, you should check it immediately to prevent furthermore damage. Call Ramjack by American leveling for foundation repair in OKC.