How Expansive Soil Can be a Cause of Foundation Damage

Houses are costly investments and they are very essential. That's why making sure yours remains in tip-top condition is essential. If you have worries about your foundation, because of expansive clay soils, it is essential to first figure out how to acknowledge the most common signs of foundation issues. The soil motion connected with this specific form of soil affects both concrete slabs and pier and beam foundations. You may need professionals in foundation repair in Oklahoma City area.

Recognizing that deterioration can be caused by a broad spectrum of variables including soil, weather, plumbing leaks, bad soil compaction, and bad base drainage, and it is clever to be alert to signs of distress. We have collected a list of variables that may suggest that you need a foundation repair service to identify future issues.

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What is Expansive Clay Soil?

Unlike other soil types found throughout the nation, expansive clay soil is distinctive in that it can respond drastically to how much moisture it comes into contact with. Based on the increased clay content in its composition, the swelling potential in this particular soil is more impactful, so while other soils expand and contract due to their exposure to elements such as water or temperature, the volume cannot be compared with expansive clay soils. This distinction in extension potential describes why a skilled foundation repair business has the ability to cause problems with the foundation of your home, to the stage where it may need to be remedied.

Oklahoma City has expansive clay soil and it is highly common. This sort of soil presents the biggest danger to places experiencing very unique wet/dry seasons, as this causes substantial volatility over an extended period of time. Foundation repair companies in Oklahoma City know how to deal with it.

  • Foundation Cracks, Wall / Floor Cracks and Other Fracture Types

One of the primary reasons why it is essential for a professional foundation repair firm to assess your business or residential property is that components such as foundation cracks, wall or floor cracks or other forms of fractures may not be attributed to an overarching problem with your foundation. If this is not the case, however, and the problem persists without intervention, the cost of fixing the damage can increase with time exponentially.

  • Foundation Setting or Sinking

As mentioned above, some basic movement is normal to experience–but excessive movement is detrimental to the health of the foundation of your home and should be minimized as much as possible.

There are a few methods to counteract harm caused by expansive clay soil; watering your basis is one simple technique. If you are not sure how to do this or if you want to make sure that your watering schedule is suitable for your estate, please ask a specialist during your next foundation inspection. To properly water without over-or under-doing it, you should understand which sides of the home receive more shade or sun.

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