Myths Busted – Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

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Whether you own a new home or a property that you hold for many years, there is one subject that seems to confuse both groups: the repair of foundations. This is primarily because it is often an issue that does not lift your head until you see symptoms and are not as evident as, say, an explosive pipe.

To alleviate confusion, Ramjack has recognized four myths about foundation repair in Norman, OK, to assist you to learn more about your home and how to look after it.


You might wonder how you can finish the foundation repair job yourself for all DIY workers there. Unfortunately, the remedy range rapidly exceeds your average homeowner's understanding, skills and instruments.

No Need for Maintenance

That is another large misunderstanding that can lead to costly reparations of foundations – homeowners who fail to maintain and inspect their foundations in the season can enable a problem to last long enough to develop into a full-blown foundation problem.

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Patching Cracks

If an owner of a house watches a crack in its walls or outside bricks, his first instinct could be to patch and continue. This, unfortunately, masks a much deeper problem that may improve its seriousness if it is not addressed correctly.

Watering Foundation

Those who know the connection between soil and fundamental stability seem to believe that the main cause of injury is over watering of the soil. That's not completely true. While water allows the soil to grow–and severe heat decreases the ground–typical variations are not enough to cause severe cracking.

Crack Filling

When an owner identifies a break, he reacts naturally to the fill it. There is no mistake, but don't suppose it would make the issue go away if you inject a crack with epoxy. It may stop leaks, but it will not deter further base harm. Again, the ground under your base is a problem.

Identifying Cracks

Cracks are essential to identify in your base. These are symptoms that say something significantly bigger is happening under the surface somewhere. You should not, however, expect cracks to help you find 100% precision in the source.

Contractor Finding Is Easy

Who do you call if you have a fundamental issue? Just pull out the telephone book and call your first contractor? But that's not the best choice. This is one approach. Every contractor or foundation repair company in Oklahoma City can pretend to have foundations repaired, but can they correctly repair them? The first time a repair work can lead to a significantly greater issue in the future.

For your pier and beam foundation repair in Norman, OK, contact Ramjack by American Leveling.