Pier and Beam Foundation: Performance, Benefits and Cause of Problems

Do your home have the best foundation possible? A critical part of the structure is the foundation of your home. It can lead to structural damage and expensive repairs if your foundation is not good. Fortunately, the our foundation repair team can help you return home and protect your investment. Is your home built on a beam base and needs to be leveled? Our team at American Leveling of Ram Jack can help!

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Performance of Pier and Beam Foundation

It is important that we debate how the foundation is constructed and the level of performance it can expect from this foundation, to understand how the foundation performs. The true base of the pier and the beam is made up of piers embedded in soil, spaced by wooden beams supporting the board joists, which are on average 5 to 6 foot apart.

Both main factors depend on the performance of the pier and beam foundation for which repair is needed.

The first is the wood pier's structural integrity. Because wood decays with humidity, cedar posts for the piers are commonly used. Cedar is a natural wood that, because of moisture, resists decay for a long time over other wood species. We recently worked on a 100-year-old house leveling project, which was supported and recently replaced in cedar stations.

Drainage is the second factor. Poorly draining properties tend to have fundamental problems and motion; irrespective of the age of the foundation or the home.

Benefits of Pier and Beam Foundation

  • Foundation pier and beam (sometimes known as post and beam) lift houses to protect against floods and humidity.

  • This is probably the largest pier with beam foundations over plate foundations in fact. For example, if there are problems with the plumbing of the latter, it may require that the concrete floor is opened to get damaged pipes. The former usually has less underlying problems than dome structures and can be less costly to repair.

  • There is an area between home and ground high enough to penetrate through (thus, the name) allowing installation and easy access to utilities including plumbing and electrical wiring units if problems occur.

  • There is also a little extra air isolation under the house that saves you on energy costs. Some prefer the feeling about a concrete floor from the wood platform. This may attract termites, but thanks to the crawl space, it is easier to detect them.

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Issues with Pier and Beam Foundation

The pier decay and settlement result from a lower wood mass due to the most pier and beam foundations which have problems with leveling. The declining wood makes its declining area soft, creating a gap between the grounds and the solid interior wood. The pier settles, and any wood framing it supports is thus established.

Moisture is the second leading cause of problems related to the foundation of the beam and pier. In addition to moisture that degrades the wood pillars, the soils that support the wood pier tend to swell if there is an increase in the amount of water they hold. Imagine a sponge is dry and rugged. The sponge begins to swell and to become flexible when you add water to your sponge. Soils are usually acting in the same way.

Way of Repair

For pier and beam house foundation leveling there are several repair methods available including installation of new piers, leveling of joists, replacing or replacement of damaged components, repair of beams, rehabilitation, etc. Our expert and knowledgeable team assess and helps you identify the best solution to your home and foundations.