Signs Your Walls Show for Foundation Damage

With a home foundation inspection in Oklahoma City, it is not nice at all to see cracks on the walls of your construction. Cracks are a red sign warning of the grief of your foundation in your home. The seriousness of these cracks, however, indicates the extent to which your building is harmed.

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When we say this, we see that it is useful to see how serious your wall cracks are. The crack could just be a surface defect, and it could be much worse at the more pessimistic end. While small breaks are forgivable since a house could settle in the first six months or years later. However, if we start to see horizontal cracks, long breaks in the walls, this is a great cause for concern. Let us look at certain ways in which you can say how severe a crack in your wall is.

Larger breaks showing these properties may show faults in the base of your property:

  • The walls are uneven in height

  • Cracks are wider than about 5mm

  • Windows and doors have gaps in their frame

Horizontal and Vertical Cracks

It's the best to look at the form and direction of this crack on the wall to determine how severe a wall crack might be. If the crack is vertical and begins close to the top of the wall and the roof, it might be a sign that the foundation was settled from when it was built.

If the crack goes horizontally, or at an angle of 45 degrees, a serious issue, such as serious foundation shifts or damage from water, might arise. Call a residential structural engineer in OKC for inspection.

Cracks like Stairs

The step crack looks like a stairway flight and runs across the wall both upright and horizontally. The stair cracks in the basement walls – generally, in cellars – are the consequence of soil under the middle of the wall eroding.

Doors and Windows

One way of testing the severity of an opening and closing of the inner doors to the bedrooms and toilets is also to assess whether the doors cling to frames. If you notice a noticeable divide at the end of a door, where the door is fitted, and the light shines through, this could also signal a severe settlement issue, often leading to jagged horizontal cracks on adjacent walls.

Visible Nails

Study the wall region around the crack and search for heads of nails or screws which might appear on the wall's surface. The nail popping out is a sign of structural issues. Nail pops are often linked to more severe wall cracks and signal important drywall motion.

If the nails start showing their head easily around the cracks, then everything isn't good. Take the time to examine the wall area around the cracked area critically. Some screws and nails could be seen. These show that the design of your construction is problematic and shows that the cracks are severe.

While you can say how serious a crack is by these techniques, the best way is to ask a residential structural engineer in OKC to round out and properly inspect your building so that your foundation can be restored to its most functional form.

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