The Types of Foundation Repair You Need to Know About

Building a foundation is a significant first step that will last in building houses. Here are the four foundation types most commonly used by foundation repair in Norman OK.

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Best Types of Foundation for Building Your House

Pier Foundations

Also referred to as pier and beam, this sort of base consists of either wooden posts or concrete piers that carry the weight of a construction. These piers are deep in the floor and elevate the structure above them by about 18-inches. They operate best with smaller buildings, including houses.

Basements / Walkouts

Most individuals believe of basements as future living room for their home, not necessarily a foundation. This has a lot to do with how the foundation is laid. It begins with an 8-foot deep hole the size of the house. After that, the beams are poured, the cinder walls are created, and the concrete slab is poured into the walls. Precautions need to be taken, but a basement can be finished, and the total square footage of a house can be boosted.

Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces lie about 18-inch off the floor like a pier foundation. Where they differ is that the footings and foundation walls are poured out to sustain the house. This specific sort of foundation enables for better access to utilities, even if individuals must crawl to do so.

Slab Foundations

This sort of foundation is made of concrete and constructed straight on the floor. There is no space underneath. Home builders love to use it because it is cheaper and less labor intensive. Many new buildings in Oklahoma have slab foundations.

No foundation is ideal, whether it is a pier foundation or otherwise. They break, weaken, or have other problems over time. If you suspect the need to repair the basis of your home, contact us today to set up an inspection and discuss your alternatives.

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You should get ready to go for a foundation repair in, Norman, OK. When you connect to Ram Jack in Oklahoma, you can witness a flawless repairing service.