Things to Know About Distinct Concrete Slab and Its Defect

Concrete slabs are crucial for the structural stability and design of contemporary structures. Concrete slab acts as both the base for the ground floor as well as the bottom slab that can function as a roof. A concrete slab is the most prevalent form of base found in residential home construction. But crack can sometimes be discovered on this concrete slab foundation. The foundation cracks can be triggered by countless variables including settlement and upheaval. Once cracked, the basis can enter the house separately from its joint and bugs, water and humidity. A tiny crack could turn into a large issue. The slab Foundation is one of the house's most significant components. It's liable for stabilizing your home, and any significant fault can trigger a large and severe issue. You can contact various foundation repair companies in Oklahoma City to get rid of the same.

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Understanding Distinct Concrete Slab Issue and Defect

Concrete slab and foundation are very prevalent form of material that is usually used in residential home construction. It is only because of concreteness that very few complaints are received about the vast quantity of building that is taking place. But sometimes problems happen in certain situations and should be solved as quickly as they are recognized. Here is some prevalent slab foundation issue that is usually discovered in the concrete slab foundation.


Blisters are created when bubbles of trapped air are stuck under an already sealed surface and created bumps of distinct sizes.


Cracking is one of the Foundation's largest concrete slab issues. The prevalent cause of cracking involves thermal contraction, subgrade settlement, drying shrinkage, external or internal shortening and applied loads.


Curling is the distorted version of a slab corner and edges due to the difference in moisture content or temperature between the top and bottom slabs.

Surface Scaling

Scaling is most prevalent in bad surface concrete due to the resistance induced by completing a slab while bleed water is on the surface.

How to Fix Slab Foundation Problem

  • Slab Foundation issue can cause significant structural harm to your house.

  • Do the following stuff if you encounter any difficulty.

  • First examine the basis by yourself.

  • Have a foundation repair specialist for professional inspection of the foundation.

  • If needed, consult with a structural engineer.

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