Types of Foundation Repair You Need for Your House

When you call foundation repair businesses in Oklahoma City to contact one of the finest specialist contractors, they will ask you what kind of foundation you have. You may think about why it is at all required to know about the details of the foundation. It matters because there are distinct foundation repair alternatives that rely on the sort of foundation so that the work can be performed appropriately.

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Here Are Three Common Types of Foundation

There are three prevalent foundation types, and there are some factors that decide which foundation to choose, apart from individual choices.


This type of foundations is generally about deep almost eight feet. It also has a concrete slab for the ground. The walls are frequently built from the cinder block for strength and stability. The typical building method of beams, walls, and then slabs help avoid water from getting into the cellar. Basements provide extra living or storage room, a place to go in poor weather, and other advantages.

Crawl Space

It is an inevitable part of installation and basement foundation. Crawl spaces are generally made up of two and 5 feet in height. They are generally built like a basement with cinder block walls. But you can have a concrete slab or dirt floor. Usually, these types of foundations are developed in places with places where flood takes place very often. They can allow some storage, but they can be overrun by vermin or mold.

The foundation of Slab

A concrete pad can also be called a slab. This is the simplest basis to build and requires small preparation compared to foundation of other types. The concrete is generally about 2 feet dense at the perimeter and about 6 inches thick in the slab remainder. Rebar and wire meshing should be included in the concrete to reinforce it.

Choosing a Foundation

As you can see, there are many variations between the three foundations mentioned above. How do you understand which one is best for your house? You need to figure in price, soil, and climate circumstances, and eventually in a base what you want or need. If the home is constructed on a high-water table, you may not be able to have a cellar, but if the weather is cold, a slab may not be a good idea. It is hard to dig into the bedrock or rocks under the floor in some places around the nation, making it hard or costly to construct a crawl space or basement.

You must speak to a reputable foundation repair companies in OKC when constructing a home so that you understand all the alternatives that are accessible to you and what the pros and cons of each decision are.

Repairing a Foundation

There are different ways of fixing the damage depending on the type of foundation and the type of repair needed. A slab needs to be raised or cracks should be sealed. The Slab can be elevated with a slurry of mud polyurethane foam. It is possible to fill cracks with epoxy or patch them with carbon fiber. You need to find out proper foundation repair companies in Oklahoma City. Place your trust in the experts of Ram Jack and get your house repaired.