Why Do You Need a Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

An option to the concrete foundation slab, and often discovered in older homes constructed before concrete slabs were widespread, pier and beam foundations are a distinctive form of foundation. Although they provide several advantages to your home, they also face issues that can make it harder to look after them. However, any issues with your pier and beam foundation are still something our team can manage efficiently. The best way to get the repair job you need is our pier and beam and foundation repair service in OKC, which is also appropriate for block and base houses. You need to go for a pier and beam foundation repair to solve the issue.

Pier and Beam

Many houses are now constructed on concrete slab foundations. However, there's also what's known as a pier and beam foundation, where the house in question is raised on a sequence of piers or blocks if it's a base and block foundation. This is frequently discovered in many elderly households. This sort of foundation has its benefits but can also experience a variety of distinct issues compared to concrete foundations. That's why we have a pier and beam repair service, so you can always get assistance from the real foundation specialists.

Rotting and Mold

Molding and rotting are the distinctive problems that pier and beam foundations can encounter when compared to concrete slabs. Excessive moisture can start to cause both. If not handled correctly, mold and rotting can spread throughout your entire base and can cause severe harm and issues, including a potential health danger in the event of mold. It is essential to ensure that any rotting or mold is handled correctly in a timely manner. With periodic preventive maintenance, this can be addressed much better.

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Think Ahead

Many of the issues, such as mold and rot, can be dealt with before they take hold. This can be an easy way to not only save yourself a lot of trouble, but also cash. Mold can spread and retain fast in a very short time, and remediation is often costly. So, taking measures to avoid mold development and rotting is an excellent move to take in the first place. You can do just that with our preventive maintenance for pier and beam foundations. You can guarantee that your foundation receives the steady care it requires to remain problem-free.

Common problems

Aside from molding and rotting, there are some prevalent problems you may be looking for to understand if there might be an issue with the foundation of your pier and beam, or block and base. One that you may encounter is uneven floors. This can happen as piers can often sink at distinct rates into the soil. We have all foundation repair techniques to repair this issue and a variety of other foundation issues that you may find you have.  So whatever problem your home faces because of your foundation, you don't need to panic. Just get the best team for you to repair it.

Hire experts from Ram Jack by American Leveling for your pier and beam foundation repair in OKC today and get rid of the issue instantly.