Ram Jack® foundation-repair systems are nothing less than the most advanced foundation repair and prevention solutions on the market today. After more than 80 years in the industry, Ram Jack® knows how to keep your home or business standing tall.

As authorized Ram Jack® dealers, American Leveling Company is pleased to bring this technology to you in Oklahoma City. We are equipped to offer foundation repair as well as failure-prevention services. Trust no one but the best when it comes to the foundation of your residential or commercial property.

Damaged foundations often manifest as cracks in your floor, walls or ceiling, stuck doors and windows, or widening gaps between large and small fixtures. Although some signs may appear gradually – making them easy to ignore – they should be taken seriously as evidence that something is wrong beneath your building.

The team at American Leveling Company will evaluate your situation. Once the best course of action is determined, we can move forward with solutions like foundation piering, helical piles and underpinning that will protect your entire home or business for years. Our professionals are knowledgeable and courteous, and our prices are competitive and affordable.

It is our pleasure to assist with any foundation-related issues you might have. Get in touch today, and be sure to ask about our lifetime warranty!




Homeowners make up a large percentage of our business. We regularly work with them to repair failing foundations and their many side effects. If you are experiencing cracks in your walls, sloped floors, or difficulty opening or closing doors and windows, call us for a free home inspection. One of our trained and certified specialists will evaluate your foundation and provide you with a free estimate. Rest assured that our patented piling system will deliver the best solution possible.


We work on new commercial construction projects as well as existing construction repairs. Every commercial project can benefit from Ram Jack’s® patented foundation-stabilization process. Ensure the longevity of your business or project from start to finish with American Leveling Company.


Preconstruction piles increase the value of a new home or building by preventing downward settlement before it begins. By monitoring hydraulic pressure, piles are load-tested as they are installed. Preconstruction piles are easy and cost-effective to install. The capacity of each pile is accurately measured using installation torque and can be installed under any weather condition. Helical piles are a good option when an addition to an existing structure is desired. The fieldwork for a typical house can be done in one-to-two days.

When constructing your new home, commercial building or other structure, we highly recommend you take the time to have a geotechnical engineering report completed for your building site. We will be more than happy to provide you a list of qualified geotechnical engineers who will be able to meet your needs. To ensure the value of your structure, please take the advice of an experienced foundation-repair contractor – it will be well worth your investment.